Wills, Powers and Trusts

Among the few legal documents every person should consider having an attorney draw up for them are Wills, Powers and Trusts. Come to the Law Office of Nettie F. Sabin to create these important legal documents, make changes to existing documents and to get reassurance that your assets and property are protected.

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Most people understand that Wills set out your wishes for disposition of your assets and property after you die. Trusts are similar in that they set out the wishes for the distribution of your estate upon death, but it avoids probate.  Further, trusts can be set up within a will. Powers of Attorney are either for Property or Healthcare.  In each, you appoint the person you want to handle either your finances and property, or your healthcare decisions when you are unable to do so. Nettie F. Sabin works closely with you to determine which documents best serve your individual needs.

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Helping people gain peace of mind through legal channels is what Attorney Nettie Sabin excels at in her legal work. She understands that parents want to be assured that their minor children will receive proper care in the event of their own death or if they become incapacitated. It is best to create the necessary documents while you are still healthy and competent. People do not like to think about the possibility of their demise, illness, or a severe injury, but it is best to be prepared. Your children will need at least a guardian of your choice, and you can name one in a simple Will.

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Nettie Sabin knows when it is appropriate for you to use a Trust document for management of properties and other assets.  Trusts can be set up for during your lifetime or after your death. Without a Will or Trust, your estate moves into Probate Court, where a Judge could appoint a stranger to administer your estate who has no knowledge  of your wishes, and who will be bound to follow the statute to distribute your estate.  A Will or a Living Trust will eliminate this possibility and give you peace of mind.

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Seek help from Chicago Wills Lawyer Nettie Sabin even while you are young and believe you do not have an estate to protect. There are indeed things that need protection, regardless of the size of your estate or net worth. She can help your decide the best legal protection for your needs.  This includes reviewing Wills and Trusts prepared years ago.  The law is ever evolving and your needs will change over time.  A review of any existing Will or Trust should be done on a regular basis.

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At the Law Office of Nettie F. Sabin, people get friendly, affordable, high-quality services and access to the legal knowledge and skill Nettie has gained over her 30 years as a lawyer. Contact our Chicago, IL, law office today to learn more about our legal services. Contact us now, online or by calling (773) 463-4747.