Residential Real Estate

Whenever you are buying, selling, refinancing or making other changes to your property holdings, it is best to get strong legal support and representation to protect your interests. People who come to the Law Office of Nettie F. Sabin for legal assistance in their real estate deals get quality personal service and excellent legal representation. We care about you and want to help you understand every detail of your real estate transactions, so there are no surprises.

Law Office of Nettie F. Sabin

Real estate transactions are very detailed, both in the language of the contract and the numbers.  Whether you are buying, selling, refinancing or placing your property into a trust, Nettie Sabin will help you understand each document involved.  Representation in Residential Real Estate transactions by Nettie Sabin includes:

  • Reviewing and if necessary modifying the contract
  • Property inspections and negotiating repairs or credits based on the inspection report
  • Obtaining and reviewing the Title Insurance Commitment for any title issues that need to be addressed in order to close
  • Help with understanding financing and the lender’s requirements
  • Making sure all necessary documents for the transfer of property are prepared and correct
  • “Crunching” the numbers before the closing to address any discrepancies
  • Representation at the closing

Attorney Nettie Sabin

With over 30 years legal experience, Attorney Nettie Sabin focuses most of the work she does today at her Chicago, IL, law office on Family Law, Real Estate and Wills, Trusts and Powers of Attorney. These areas of law practice are closely related, and the mix of knowledge she has gained benefits each client, no matter how unique their case is. Her fees are reasonable, and she enjoys working closely with clients to determine and achieve their legal goals.

Chicago Real Estate Attorney

Real estate documents are far from understandable by the average person. You need an experienced Chicago Real Estate Attorney to smooth the way for you, in every instance. Attorney Nettie Sabin enjoys helping clients understand the fine points and details of their real estate and financing or refinancing documents. She enjoys working closely with Clients and knows how important it is that her clients understand what they are signing, before they sign on that dotted line.

Quality Personal Service

Top quality personal service at the Law Office of Nettie F. Sabin means you get personalized attention, fair and honest treatment, and all the time it takes for you to understand the legal processes you are going through, whether it is a matter of Real Estate Law, Estate Planning or Family Law. Our fees are reasonable, and we provide quality personal service in a professional, ethical and zealous manner.

To learn more about how Attorney Nettie Sabin can help you with your Real Estate concerns, call us now, at (773) 463-4747, in Chicago, IL.