Pre-Marital Agreements

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A Pre-Marital Agreement is an agreement between prospective spouses made in contemplation of marriage, effective upon the marriage.  The main reason most people enter into a Pre-Marital Agreement is to set out the disposition of their individual assets and any future joint assets in the event of separation, dissolution of marriage, death or any other event.  A Pre-Marital Agreement can also address spousal support and the making of wills and/or trusts to carry out the provision of the Agreement.

Most commonly, prospective spouses enter into Pre-Marital Agreements when at least one of the parties was previously married with children or has children from a different relationship, and/or one party has much greater assets than the other.  A Pre-Marital Agreement allows the parties to agree on the disposition of their assets that does not follow established law, both family law and the law of estates.  For example, you can set up a specific amount of maintenance (alimony) or eliminate it all together.  Or you can agree to waive the right to renounce a will, allowing each party to distribute their estate upon their death without any portion going to the other prospective spouse.

A Pre-Marital Agreement requires full disclosure of assets and liabilities which are attached as Exhibits to the Pre-Marital Agreement.  In addition, it is crucial for each party to have their own attorney and to prepare and properly sign the Agreement in plenty of time before the marriage ceremony so that there are no issues of coercion.

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