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As a staunch defender of and advocate for children’s and parent’s rights, Attorney Nettie Sabin has more than 32 years of experience providing committed and dedicated service to her clients in family law and related areas.  To schedule a confidential case review, contact Attorney Sabin by phone or email.

Parentage Issues

What is parentage? Parentage is the statutory term for the more commonly known word, paternity, and refers to the legal relationship between parent and child and the issues that arise from that relationship. Some of the issues that pertain to parentage include:

  • Establishing and contesting parentage, usually requested by the mother, father, grandparent or other interested party
  • DNA genetic testing, court-ordered tests, admissibility and legality of tests
  • Voluntary admissions – proactively claiming paternity
  • Legal right to make decisions on behalf of and for the child once parentage is determined
  • Child support issues – legal obligation to provide monetary support for the child
  • Visitation/parenting time issues – the rights of both parents
  • Other issues, ask Attorney Sabin

Who Might Have an Interest in Establishing Paternity?

There are many parentage cases that seem simple and obvious on the surface but become quite complex and involved. There may be many interested parties in such a case, including the mother, the male claiming to be the father, the presumed father in a marriage, and the child himself or herself. Other interested parties may include grandparents, other presumed relatives, state agencies, healthcare providers, medical experts, schools, estate executors, guardians and others.

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